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Things to Remember and Know before your Trip!

Fishing gear can vary depending on the time of year you are visiting us. Being comfortable is key to a good day on the water so here are some staples to check off your list before your trip with us at Mountain Fly Anglers.

Rods and Reels

Included on all trips, If you prefer your own we suggest at 9ft 5wt.

Waders and Boots

Will be provided but we suggest breathable waders and felt or rubber soled boots, If your on a float trip studded boots are not allowed on the boat as they can cause damage to the raft or drift boat.

Long Underwear of Fleece pants

For under your waders on cool days.

Layers of Clothing and warm socks

For both hot and cool weather

Light Weight Rain Jacket

Extra Socks and cloths

Personal Items

Special medications, ect.

A waterproof bag

For personal items you bring along on your trip


Not only provides better vision but protection from the sun.


Quality polarized sunglasses are highly recommended


For the big catch